The Garbo factory in Cerano has completed the reclamation and renovation of its roof

The renovation was made possible thanks to the funding received from the ISI 2018 Call, which consists of an economic contribution allocated by INAIL and dedicated to various reclamation projects from materials containing asbestos).

Having obtained a 65% loan from the ISI INAIL 2018 Call, the Garbo Srl factory in Cerano is raising its curtains and inaugurates its new roof, renovated and above all reclaimed from materials that contained residues of asbestos traces. The project, in addition to focusing on improving the health and safety conditions of workers, confirms Garbo’s attention to the adoption of organizational and social responsibility models by companies.

What is the ISI INAIL Call?

The ISI INAIL Call is a call for non-repayable financing, promoted by INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work), which aims to encourage investments by small/medium-sized enterprises in dedicated projects and interventions to the improvement of safety in the workplace.

In fact, for 9 years now, INAIL has been reserving non-repayable economic benefits to businesses. These are contributions up to a maximum of 65% of the admitted expenses, with particular attention to:

  • Investment projects;
  • Projects for the adoption of organizational and social responsibility models;
  • Reclamation projects from materials containing asbestos;
  • Projects for micro and small enterprises operating in specific sectors of activity.

What is the ISI INAIL Call 2018?

Specifically to the 2018 Call, the highest in the history of the call (which consisted in an amount of € 369.726.206 non-repayable), the objective was twofold: on the one hand, to support the improvement of the health and safety conditions of workers in the workplace, on the other hand, the adoption of organizational and social responsibility models by companies.

How does the ISI 2018 call work in practice? It’s a very simple process: through the ISI call, INAIL promises to pay each company a specific amount according to the funding axis. As regards the first 3 Axes of the project, ISI provides for the granting of a capital incentive to the extent of 65% calculated on the number of expenses deemed eligible. The maximum loan that can be disbursed is € 130,000.00 and the minimum eligible loan is € 5,000.00.

A new roof for the Garbo factory

For the renovation and remediation work of the Garbo Srl factory, the funding obtained thanks to the ISI tender concerned the so-called “Axis 3” of the project, or the Axis specifically dedicated to reclamation projects from materials containing asbestos. In this case, the recipients of the loans (for a total of € 97,417,862.00) were exclusively businesses, including individuals, located throughout the country and registered in the business register or in the register of artisan businesses, in possession of the requirements set out in the ISI 2018 public notice.

And that is how Garbo was able to obtain a non-repayable loan of € 130,000 (out of a total cost of € 200,000) for the removal of the compact matrix asbestos roofing of the operational headquarters and its own remaking with material that is not harmful to the health of workers, in order to completely eliminate the carcinogenic risk due to asbestos fibers.

Always a leader in the recovery of micro-abrasives used in the electronics industry for cutting silicon wafers and in the recovery of glycols, and also always attentive to all the news in the field of technological innovation, Garbo does not betray its innovative spirit. Keeping one eye open on the past, but the other fixed on the future, Garbo continues its search for original solutions in identifying new technological processes that allow it to supply the market with unique or distinctive products.