Garbo’s Transition 4.0 also passes through the new mobile weighbridge

One year after the installation of the new weighbridge, Garbo Srl confirms the goodness of its investment and the satisfaction of the company, while looking to the National Plan Transition 4.0.

There is a great truth, not only in the world of industry, that all great entrepreneurs agree on: the quality of the material you buy is remembered much longer than regretting the price you paid. In other words, it is important to make good investments. A point that has always been very dear – and clear – to Garbo, which has never shied away from technological innovation and investment in new, latest-generation tools that also wink at environmental sustainability and the fight for more sustainable production.

It was with this in mind that, just one year ago, the company decided to invest in a new mobile weighbridge. A choice that turned out to be a winner: one year after its inauguration, in fact, Garbo confirms the validity and satisfaction with the new ABC Bilance mobile weighbridge, installed in October 2020 in the Garbo plant in Cerano (NO) thanks to the tax credit benefits for investments in capital goods supported by the National Plan Transition 4.0.

The National Transition 4.0 Plan

The former National Plan Industry 4.0, now renamed National Plan Transition 4.0, is a plan of public funding that offers Italian companies incentives and fundamental tools to seize the opportunities of innovation and digital-related to the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The national plan aims to support and incentivize companies that invest in new capital goods, tangible and intangible, functional to the technological and digital transformation of production processes, as well as to stimulate investment in Research and Development, Technological Innovation, including within the paradigm 4.0 and circular economy, Design and aesthetic conception.

In other words, a look to the future. It is no coincidence that the National Plan provides for specific measures that take technological neutrality into account, intervening with horizontal actions and enabling factors. By 2022, effective measures are strengthened and new ones inserted.

The advantages of Garbo’s new mobile weighbridge

The decision to bet on the new mobile weighbridge (branded ABC Bilance) has proved to be a winning one for several reasons, not least for the new possibilities it offers in terms of logistics and work for organization. Among the advantages recorded by Garbo, in fact, it is worth underlining the possibility to reallocate it according to the logistics layout. Not only that, thanks to the technological innovation supported by the National Plan Transition 4.0, the new mobile weighbridge is the perfect 4.0 tool, which allows you to take advantage of the interconnection with the PCs of logistics workers by speeding up the weighing operations.

Not just promises, but concrete results

Among the noteworthy results, Garbo points out that compared to the municipal weighing machine previously used, in one year it has greatly reduced the traffic entering and leaving the plant, continuing its battle to reduce CO2 emissions and towards environmental sustainability, which has always been a point very dear to the whole Garbo company.

Dulcis in fundo, the results also stand out from an economic point of view: compared to 2020, in fact, Garbo has recorded a saving of almost 6500€ in tokens.

Always a leader in the recovery of micro-abrasives used in the electronics industry for cutting silicon wafers and in the recovery of glycols, attentive to all the news in the field of technological innovation, Garbo continues its search for original solutions in the identification of new and sustainable technological processes that allow filling the market with unique or distinctive products.