Garbo Srl Introduces Its New Service: The Hot Chamber for Wax Product Transformation

Cerano, May 14, 2024 – Following the successful merger with 4Solar Srl and the implementation of the photovoltaic plant in Cerano, Garbo Srl continues its journey of continuous innovation and sustainability by introducing a new service designed to better meet the needs of its customers. With a significant investment, the company will add the Hot Chamber to its equipment. Thanks to this, Garbo Srl will be able to work with and transform waxy products, which harden at ambient temperature. New Technology to Meet Every Need The Hot Chamber is a specially designed container for heating and melting waxy substances efficiently and safely. With this innovative solution, we can manipulate and transform a wide range of waxy materials, offering a new processing solution to our customers. Customization and Adaptability at the Core of Our Offer The decision to integrate this new service was made with the aim of expanding our customer offering. We are convinced that each customer has unique needs, which require a wide range of choices to satisfy. Therefore, products processed with the Hot Chamber can not only be packaged in various sizes and formats but can also be mixed at the customer’s request to create new and different finished products, ready to meet our customers’ most specific requirements. Innovation and Sustainability at the Customer’s Service With the launch of the Hot Chamber, Garbo Srl reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. This new service contributes to reducing environmental impact through efficient material transformation and product recovery. Looking to the future, Garbo Srl is committed to continuing to promote sustainability and innovation as integral parts of our business strategy. With the Hot Chamber and our previous services, we are ready to lead change in the industrial sector and offer increasingly advanced solutions for a better and more sustainable world. — Photo by Yannes Kiefer on Unsplash