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High added value materials recovery

Our specialty is the recovery of micro abrasive materials mostly used in the electronics industry for cutting silicon wafers as well as in the recovery of glycols

Since 1997, we have been breathing new life into recycled materials.

Garbo is an industrial reality specialized in the regeneration of abrasives and suspensions based on polyethylene glycol deriving from the cutting of silicon wafers used to make electrical semiconductors and photovoltaic panels.

The technologies and recovery processes developed by Garbo S.r.l. are the result of investments that have enabled the company to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Garbo S.r.l. holds over 10 exclusive and proprietary patents and has based its business on the principles of circular economy. The regeneration of raw materials with high added value it is precisely what makes Garbo S.r.l. a leader in the concept of sustainable development.

For us, sustainability is not just an idea.

It is our philosophy.

We bring materials back to life

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