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Glycol Regeneration

Consistent with its mission of regenerating valuable resources and reducing waste volumes, Garbo S.r.l. has developed new technologies and processes to recover a large variety of glycol-based spent fluids that are produced in several industrial activities.

Glycol-based materials which are generated and/or refined by Garbo S.r.l. include:

  • different kinds of exhausted glycol-containing fluids used in the thermal treatment of special steels and aluminum or as cooling or anti-freeze liquids used in the industrial refrigeration and automotive industry;
  • off-specification glycol mixtures or by-products originating from glycol synthesis reactions in petrochemical industries;
  • crude glycerine – a Biodiesel manufacturing by-product.

The purification of these materials allows Garbo S.r.l. to obtain pure fractionated products with specification data which makes them suitable for re-use as raw materials in the chemical industry and the production of plastic (PET and resin), in the ceramic industry (silk screening products), in the field of construction and the production of modern industrial refrigerants and anti-freeze liquids.

Garbo S.r.l. reutilizes waste or off-specification glycols that would otherwise be disposed of in incinerators or processed where low levels of purity are accepted.

Garbo S.r.l. offers the highest production quality, thanks to constant and certified quality control. Years of consolidated experience and high technology plants allow Garbo S.r.l. to offer purification services on several types of exhausted glycols.

  • MEG (ethylene glycol)
  • DEG (diethylene glycol)
  • MPG (propylene glycol)
  • DPG (dipropylene glycol)
  • Liquid PEGs (P200, P300, P400, P600)
  • Raw or bi-distilled glycerine
  • Glycol based denitrifying solutions for water treatment plants

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