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PET is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in the food industry. It allows a better preservation of food, then a reduction of food waste. It is also used in the textile industry for the technical clothing production as well as in the automotive sector.

Due to several technological barriers, most of the common and used PET is difficult to recycle. While just 10% of the PET currently in the market is recycled, the remaining 90% is disposed either in landfills or incinerated.

Garbo S.r.l. has developed an innovative “chemical recycling” process, called ChemPET, which is able to treat most of the PET-based waste that is currently not recoverable. Through a chemical reaction, PET is transformed into an intermediate product called BHET (bis-hydroxy-ethylene-terephthalate) which, once it has been properly purified, can be used again for the PET production avoiding virgin raw materials injection.

PET based materials recoverable with the ChemPET process include:

  • Thermoforming scraps and multi-layer trays (PET/PE/EVOH/PE);
  • Scraps and films coupled with Aluminum (PET/PE/Alu/PE)
  • Opaque PET bottles (containing fillers such as TiO2, CaCo3, Silica)
  • Colored PET powders and fines
  • Black PET trays
  • PET/PP strapping
  • Non-woven fabrics, TNT
  • Polyester/Cotton blends