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Garbo SRL Participates at Plast with the ChemPET Project

ChemPET project team, is set to make an appearance at the renowned Plast. The event, which takes place in Rho, Italy, promises to be a platform for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions within the plastics and packaging sector.
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Garbo at PACKAGING & RECYCLING 2023 in Arese

ChemPET project in the person of Mr. Devis Mazzucco will attend the PACKAGING & RECYCLING 2023 event held in Arese, Italy. This gathering of industry leaders and innovators promises to be a pivotal moment in the pursuit of eco-conscious packaging and recycling practices.
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Garbo with Saipem for industrial development of its technology for chemical recycling of plastics

Garbo con Saipem per lo sviluppo industriale della propria tecnologia per il riciclo chimico delle plastiche.
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Garbo & ChemPET: Part of the PETCORE Consortium from 2019 to 2023

Since 2019, Garbo & ChemPET have been active participants members of the PETCORE consortium. ChemPET is member of the monomer recycling group at Petcore along with other key innovative technology firms.
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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”, Garbo S.r.l. confirms its leadership in the training of new generations

After the high apprenticeship training in Garbo S.r.l., Eng. Beatrice Masaccesi and Valerio Vannozzi have discussed the thesis of the Master of II level "Management and design of sustainable chemical processes and plants". The congratulations of all the staff.
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The Chempet Revolution [Interview with Guido Fragiacomo]

Developing new formulations and new recycled materials that can compete with virgin materials is the new challenge of the chemical industry. An analysis by Guido Fragiacomo.
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